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Italian born Andrea Camporesi started to learn about wine very early in life. It has always been part of his family life and culture, so it was only natural that he got into this business with so much passion, knowledge and commitment. In this exclusive interview he tells us a bit more and gives us a few precious tips when buying or tasting wine.


WALK THE TAL MAGAZINE -Please tell us a little about how you became a sommelier.


ANDREA CAMPORESI- My love for wines started a long time ago. I’m Italian from Emilia Romagna region, which is about 20 minutes from Tuscany and my family worked with agriculture. My grandfather never set the table without a bottle of wine. After I started my career in the hospitality business at 14 years old I was lucky enough to work with some amazing sommelier who had love and passion to teach me and pass onto me the same passion and love for wines. This was certainly decisive for me to choose to study and pursue a career as a sommelier.


WTTM-How can we enjoy red wine with white wine without compromising on taste?


AC - My suggestion is to always start with the lightest one first, in terms of body and alcohol levels to then, taste the fuller bodied ones. The color of the wine is not so important. The most important thing is not to jump from a light wine to a heavy one and then back to the lighter wine.


WTTM - Your ideal pair of wine and food.


AC - For sure oyster and Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Champagne. The acidity of this champagne is spot on and from my point of view when paired with oyster is an explosion of taste.


WTTM- Your golden tip for those who are just starting their wine collection.


AC - A collections of wine is a really private thing, but the most important aspect of it is to find a style of wine you love and try find similar ones to your favourite. You can also buy different styles of wines for different kind of occasion.


WTTM- Should we look for awards and price? Do the more expensive wines taste better?


AC - Of course awards are important but that doesn’t mean a wine worth 95 points for somebody will be the same for you. Wine is so personal and the price doesn't always reflect quality. Usually I say to all my guest there isn't such a thing as the best wine. What really exists is is the kind of wine you really love. This piece of advice has proven to be very helpful.


WTTM - Your top 5 red and white wines.


AC - This is a complicated question cause wine for me is like art or music you have a different preferred wine for different moment and occasions, but if I have to do a list the reds are:

Amarone dal forno

Vega Sicilia Unico

Echezaux latour Pinot noir




As for the whites:

Cervaro della sala

Montrachet grand cru Romanee conti

Gaja rey

Silex Sauvignon blanc

Trebbiano d Abruzzo Marina Cvetic


WTTM- What are the 3 key elements we should look for in a wine bottle before we buy.


AC - Look out for whether it is an old world wine or a new world wine, the grapes and the vintage. This things can help you a lot.


WTTM- For those starting their career as sommeliers, what courses, qualification you would recommend or suggest?


AC - There are a lot of really good courses around the world. My suggestion, if you are not already inside the world of wine is to find an extensive and good course . Take your time to learn and taste different types of wine without any rush.


WTTM - What makes an excellent wine?


AC - An excellent wine is made of a number of factor:

The first is the terrain. Terrain means the combination of soil, weather, temperature, altitude.

Another very important factor for producing good wine is the quality of the grapes and when the harvest is done.

Last but the most important element is the Oenologist, the person who creates the magic and with his touch, love, passion and knowledge gives us the possibility to taste this wonderful drink known as wine!



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